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Homeowners and residential contractors want the best garage door materials and service at an affordable price, but supporting local businesses is something we all strive for whenever possible. That’s the beauty of working with TCI Myrtle Beach.

Like you, our garage door professionals live here, so we understand the toll seasonal weather and coastal living can take on Carolina properties. As a member of the IBP Family of Companies, we have access to building products and materials at industry-leading prices.

The TCI team takes pride in our quality of craft, great products, turnaround times and prices to meet your project goals. If you’re planning a new build or home renovation, let’s discuss your project plans.

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11 Signs It’s Time for Garage Door Repair

Even with the best maintenance, a garage door’s life span is between 15 and 30 years. A lot depends on materials, hardware, original installation, use, and frequency of exposure to extreme weather. If we can repair your garage door cost-effectively, we will. But if you need to replace your garage door for more security and energy efficiency, we can provide options.

Here are 11 signs you need garage door repair sooner rather than later:

  1. Age: If your garage door has had questionable maintenance and is over 15 years old, repair or replacement is in your near future. A well-designed garage door maintenance program can add years to the life of your current garage door.
  2. Drafts and/or leaks: You may have degraded bottom seals or sealing joints that cause drafts or leaks. Energy efficiency is important, and an old or damaged garage door can let outside heat or cold, water and wind into your garage and living area. Some homeowners report lower monthly energy bills after garage door repair or replacement.
  3. Frequent repairs: If you’ve already had several repairs within the last two or three years, it might be time to cut your losses. A garage door replacement may be more cost-effective.
  4. Noise: Garage doors aren’t exactly quiet, but if yours makes banging noises, screeches or rattles, that’s a problem. Your garage door has many moving parts. Noises may indicate the need for something as easy as cleaning and lubricating rollers, springs and other hardware. If that’s not the fix, we’ll investigate other possible causes.
  5. ROI and curb appeal: The return on investment from a garage door replacement is typically more than 94%, and some say as high as 100%-150%. Let’s face it: A run-down, old-fashioned garage door looks bad. Even if you’re not planning to sell anytime soon, garage door upgrades increase the value of your property and curb appeal.
  6. Rust: This is a heads-up that hardware or parts of your garage door need attention. Schedule a garage door repair as soon as possible.
  7. Security: Your garage is a storage site for expensive tools, equipment and vehicles, but it’s often how we access our home’s living spaces, too. Thanks to technology, newer garage doors have the security safeguards you need. Repairs or replacements could include some of these upgrades, like auto-reverse, manual control operation, motion detection and more.
  8. Speed: We don’t expect our garage doors to open and close at rocket speed. We never think about it at all until our garage doors begin slowing down. It could be a failing motor or increased weight of the door from moisture retention.
  9. Springs: Some springs can only survive 10,000 up/downs. For busy families, that’s about 10 years. If you suspect you have a broken spring, do not attempt a DIY repair, please. Garage door springs are under tremendous pressure and need to be handled carefully. There have been serious injuries and even deaths resulting from DIY spring repair.
  10. Vibrations/shakes: This is a warning sign there’s a problem with your rollers. Even something like a loose hinge can cause your garage door to tremble when in operation. Schedule a garage door repair ASAP before more damage is done.
  11. Won’t work: If you ignore the warning signs, eventually your garage door won’t work. You’ll need repair ASAP. It could be an easy fix but could also be dangerous. Don’t wait.

For information about garage door repair, call 843-347-4233 or contact TCI Myrtle Beach.

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